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At OK Student, we’re dedicated to empowering young people through education, as we believe that studying abroad is an enriching, life-changing experience with a positive impact on society. That’s why we offer a 360-degree service to help your students thrive and succeed!


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5 Reasons to Study in the UK

1. World-Class Universities

British universities consistently rank among the best in the world. In fact, the UK has more top 100 universities per million students than the US, so getting accepted into a top university and having access to quality and well-renowned teaching is easier than in other countries!

2. Career Prospects and International Degree Recognition

UK Degrees are recognized worldwide, giving students a competitive advantage in pursuing further education or job opportunities back home and abroad. Students can also gain valuable experience through internships, further enhancing their employability and real-world skills.


In fact, 97% of US students who studied in the UK were employed or in graduate school within one year of graduating, compared to the American average of 84%.

3. Exciting Student life

With over two million students attending British universities each year, meeting new people, and immersing themselves in a vibrant student culture is incredibly appealing. Academic life is dynamic and exciting, with plenty of clubs, societies, and events for students to get involved in.


Students also have the chance to explore UK’s cities and towns, each with its own unique character and atmosphere.

4. The European Lifestyle

Europeans have it easy, just like you see in the movies — great food, safety, affordable health care, access to quality transportation, etc. In the UK, students will live in the 34th safest country globally, in contrast to the 129th position held by the US.


They can also travel to more than ten countries within a two-hour flight, such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Ireland, and many more.

5. Less Student Debt

Undergraduate degrees in the UK typically only take three years, while master’s degrees can often be completed in just one year for full-time students.


British tuition is also generally lower than tuition at US universities, making it more affordable for students to study abroad than to stay back home.  

About OK Student

OK Student was founded in 2008 with a simple purpose: to help students unlock their full potential by supporting them in navigating the application process for studying abroad and making sure they settle in well.


As experts in the UK’s higher education system, we provide free resources and training to counselors and educators. We aim to enable more students to enjoy the benefits of studying abroad and become part of the over 12,000 young people who have already achieved their dreams of studying abroad with our support. 


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To provide our students with exceptional service, we have established and maintained partnerships with over 100 universities throughout the UK, ensuring a perfect match between students and their desired institution and degree.


Our close collaboration with our university partners allows us to offer expert support to students throughout the application process. We are able to maintain a privileged level of communication with our partners, ensuring that our students have access to the most up-to-date information.


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