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OK Student já ajudou mais de 12.000 estudantes a realizar o seu sonho de estudar no estrangeiro. Isto é o que eles têm a dizer sobre nós:

Hanin Mhdawi

OK Student’s applicant

OK Student ended up helping me getting into a University that I looked at months before and thought ‘Wow, I wish I could study there’. I’m really grateful for all the help I got. Even after the application was done I got regular check-ins from OK Student to make sure everything was going according to plan!”

Went to University of Oxford, England

Estudante a utilizar o computador

Daniela Martins

OK Student’s applicant

“After a few closed doors, Ok Student was the window I needed to have the determination to recapture my dream, beyond borders, at the University of Liverpool! 

Valentina Rakto de Oliveira

OK Student’s applicant

OK Student gave me the opportunity to live the best part of my life in one of the best countries in the world. I am grateful for their help and support. I couldn’t be happier with this experience.
Estudante internacional no estrangeiro

Patricia Novo

OK Student’s applicant

“An excellent team, always willing to help.  Any doubts I had were promptly clarified. Without them I would not have been able to fulfill my dream, and for that I will always be grateful to OK Student’s team, who helped me throughout the process of coming to study in the UK.”

Emmanuel Teidi

OK Student’s applicant

“I want to appreciate the warm and prompt attention OK Student has given me to apply to the University of Essex. Thanks a lot!”

Andreia Elias

OK Student’s applicant

OK Student made me believe that it’s never too late to go back to studying and even if sometimes opportunities don’t arise in Portugal, we can always follow our dreams elsewhere. I’ve had a fantastic experience with the Ok Student team (even after university) and with my University.”

Simão Pedro João

OK Student’s applicant

You may think that OK Student only handles university applications, but the truth is that OK Student gives you access to a unique and extraordinary life changing opportunity.  The final choice is always ours, but today I can assure you that OK Student has definitely changed my life!”

Justin Cadence

OK Student’s applicant

“OK Student helped me with everything in the process. Could not be happier with my choice.  Totally recommend!!”

Clara Barros

OK Student’s applicant

“I came to the United Kingdom to study Law at Bucks New University and couldn’t be more grateful to OK Student and all the team members that supported me throughout the process. Today, I live in the University Accommodation and just started working recently. After making new friends and discovering incredible places, I couldn’t be happier!”

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