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University application

Applying to university can seem complex and confusing, but with OK Student’s help it is simple and straightforward.

We guide our students through every step of the process, tailoring our offering to best suit their needs. This ensures that they identify the best universities and courses for their future and that their applications are as strong as possible. This gives our students the best chance of being accepted into the university of their dreams.


steps to

reach the TOP






free meeting

Let us know what your goals and objectives are


Find out about all the universities that match your ambitions


We take care of all the bureaucracy

Application submission
& tracking

We make sure your application ticks all the boxes


All year round webinars about life as a student and much more

OK Student supports you from the beginning of your journey until you are settled into your new university

With OK Student, the final choice is always yours, whether we are talking about the course or university.

During the application process, please remember that you will be responsible for producing the required documents, but always with our support and advice.

We will help you face the challenges that arise from living abroad, supporting you in the process of finding accommodation, guiding you through the VISA process, and working with you on all the elements of how to apply to study abroad, etc. However, please note that we will not take care of these issues on your behalf.