Meet the team

At OK Student, we want you to study abroad, go far in life and achieve (or even surpass) your most ambitious goals!

The same applies to us. As a company, we rely on teamwork to offer you the best service. Each person in our team plays an important role in the day-to-day success of OK Student and in our student’s future.

Take a look and get to know us better!

Ana is an experienced applications officer who is passionate about our mission of turning young people into winners. A sustainability enthusiast, she will do everything in her power to get you a place in your dream University!

Ana Silva

Applications Officer

Andreia Pires

Student Advisor

As a student advisor, Carolina is the perfect person to help students find their way through their university journey. After graduating with a degree in public relations and advertising, she spent 7 years living abroad! Her extensive international experience is an invaluable asset when advising international students how to thrive in a foreign country.

Carolina Simas

Student Advisor

Drika is our digital/graphic designer. Graduated in multimedia communication in Brazil and moved to Portugal to complete a masters degree in contemporary art history. Her study abroad experience and work has helped to shape our online and offline presence. Drika’s knowledge of design elements and techniques ensures that our visuals are captivating and on-brand.

Drika Prates

Senior Visual Designer

Fred is a highly-skilled Video editor & Web Developer at OK Student with a creative and technical background. He graduated from Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema and Lisbon School of Design. He is an expert at combining visuals, music, narration and Motion Graphic Design to create an engaging viewing experience.

Frederico Torres

Web Developer & Motion Designer

João is our Head of Advisors. He’s responsible for training, motivating, and supporting our student advisors so they can provide the best possible support to our students, making sure they achieve their dream to study abroad!

João Cacelas

Head of Advisors

Raquel is the head of OK Student’s applications, the team that she is responsible for, revises the students’ documents and submits applications to universities. Raquel is responsible for all aspects of the applicant journey and data across the university, Raquel also studied abroad; she motivates students, boosting their courage to take a leap of faith.

Raquel Sousa

Head of Applications

Filipa Brás

Marketing Manager

Cláudia Rodrigues

Executive Director

With a background in accounting and finance, our Chief Accountant Margarida is responsible for overseeing our company’s finances and ensuring that all our accounting procedures are in order. With over 10 years of practice in this area, Margarida has a wealth of experience in accounting and is highly skilled in all aspects of financial management.

Margarida Santana

Chief Accountant

OK Student supports you from the beginning of your journey until you are settled into your new university