Pre–university courses

Bucksmore Education offers an extraordinary opportunity for upper-intermediate to advanced-level English 16 – 18 years old students to study pre-university courses at the renowned Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. If you want to explore your chosen field in depth, this is certainly a perfect programme that will help make more informed decisions when picking the right university course.

For the greatest efficiency and stronger student-teacher communication, the classes have a maximum of 6 students; this allows for individualised attention in every session. Additionally, most teachers are alumni of these universities or are currently teaching at them – so you can be sure that they know what it takes to get into your top choice school!

“The smaller the group of students, the faster the progress. It is possible to make about the same amount of progress in one hour of tutoring with a very small group as in 10 hours in a large class”
– Laurence Howard, Professor of Creative Writing at Oxford University and instructor of this module in this course.

Admission requirements

To ensure students are able to keep up with the rigorous pace of Bucksmore Education’s Advanced Studies programme, it is necessary that they meet a set of minimum requirements.

Oxford and Cambridge:
Age 16-18 years, minimum English level of C1.

starting from £2 655 per week

Objective & academic program

The primary goal of the program is to expose students to topics that they will later explore in university, therefore a high level of English proficiency from the students is expected. In fact, many participants come from native English-speaking countries like Britain, Australia, and America.

During their stay, students will be allowed to select two courses from a variety of options. For those staying four weeks, they can alternate subjects after the second week for an overall total of four different subjects.

  • Oxford and Cambridge

    Business & Management Studies

  • Only Oxford

    PPE (Philosophy, Politics, & Economics)
    International Relations & Global Governance
    Global Finance & Economics
    Classics & Ancient History
    World Literatures & Cultures

  • Only Cambridge

    Civil & Mechanical Engineering
    Environmental Sciences & Geography
    Computer Science & Information Technology

Courses and Master classes

In addition to the main study subjects, students must select one of the following creative workshops to participate in: Entrepreneurship, Journalism, Film Production, Theatre, Debate or Urban Sketching.

To further sharpen their academic and professional skills, students can select from a variety of masterclasses:

  • SAT or IELTS preparation
  • Introduction to UCAS
  • Cover letter
  • Presentation/Interview skills
  • Talk with Oxford and Cambridge students
  • Study skills
  • Writing skills
  • University and career advice

Want to know more about a specific course? Get in touch with us!

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